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IMPACT syncs all of your devices

Classroom management tools that sync to the cloud. Includes a seating chart, attendance tables, and the ability to track behavior and hall passes. Students are easily tracked with reminders. A random generator will allow you to call on students so that you can be sure that you reach every student in the class, even students that normally might never volunteer a response. Tracking student behavior and observations of students has never been easier.

IMPACT Seating Chart

The seating chart allows you to visually track student attendance, behavior, hall passes, passes to guidance, dismissal, and office passes. You will effortlessly ensure student engagement in the lesson. All students will participate. Track assignments as well as formative and summative assessments on the fly. Grade and assess individual student achievement as you move around the classroom. Excel at differentiated instruction. Easily make note of comments and individualized instruction as you work one-on-one with students. Tracking completed homework assignments, notices that must be collected, and notebook checks was never easier. Randomly generate student groups of any size. Custom student groups may be generated where you may identify students that should not be grouped and also allow you to make tweaks to random groups after they are randomly generated. All information is assembled into searchable tables that are synced to all of your devices, and easily printed.

IMPACT Attendance Tables

Attendance can be tracked through the seating chart. You may also track student attendance using the attendance table page. Attendance records are easily searched and filtered so that student attendance data is easily presented in a clear and convenient manner, which you may also print and archive.

IMPACT Behavioral Observation Tables

Behavioral observations can be tracked through the seating chart. You may also track student behavioral observations using the behavioral observations table. Behavioral observations records are easily searched and filtered so that student behavioral observations data is easily presented in a clear and convenient manner, which you may also print and archive.


Rosters are easily created via cut and paste. Adding and dropping students from the roster is easy and will sync across all of the Impact classroom management tools.

IMPACT Planner

Teachers have a lot of information to organize. The Impact planner will allow you to create and access all of your class lesson plans from anywhere. Class lesson plans in the planner will organize, track, and allow for better teaching, as well as a better, more efficient use of the teachers time. You can easily keep track of lessons, scope and sequence, reminders and todo lists, and assignments that need grading. Keep track of all calendar days, meetings, teacher workshops, and parent meetings. Keep track of snow days, planned fire drills and other events. Be aware of scheduled administrator visits. Impress your administrators with your organization and your ability to provide insightful planning and diverse lessons.


Create custom rubrics that allow you to organize and give targeted feedback to students. Reports are generated at the click of a button. You can assess students quickly and meaningfully. This is especially helpful for project based learning. Grading will be integrated into the seating charts as well, so that you may select students either from a list or a location. Each grading category can be given a custom weight, and final grades are reported both in point values and percentages.


Integrated Management, Planning And Class Tracking

IMPACT is a set of classroom management tools designed by a teacher to solve all of the management needs that take up so much of the teachers precious time. Tools that allow visual and rapid data entry of student information such as attendance, behavior, special needs, hall passes, and more. Even grading becomes fast and intuitive with rubric and seating chart based tracking. You will track all of your observations and assessments on the fly with the click of a button, without missing a step or interrupting the flow of your instruction.

Portable and Accessible

IMPACT data will sync to the cloud to make your data visible and editable on multiple devices and here on the Web from any location. Track your observations on an Android® tablet or phone as you walk around the class, then easily refer back to the data on your computer. Print custom tables sorted by class or student.

Conference Meetings

You will be uniquely armed with IMPACT, allowing for accurate and repeated observations specific to every child in the class, both behavioral and academic. Teachers who use IMPACT are empowered with specific data detailing when and how frequently student behavior occurs, resulting in greater parent and administrator support.

seating chart image seating chart image


Track attendance, behavioral observations, hall passes, and assignments from the seating chart all at the click of a button. All data can be viewed in a report by child or class, by date or over a range of dates. When students know that you have the tools to monitor and track the whole class rapidly, they become more accountable. Other features include randomly calling on students and random group assignments to ensure that everyone is included.

seating chart image seating chart image


Track assignments, important meetings and school schedules all in one place. The reminders notepad can help you track assignments that need to be graded, or "to do" lists that need completion. Simple navigation allows you to easily see forward or backwards in time. Easily mark days off and view at a glance the current schedule.

seating chart image seating chart image


Track student grades on a dynamic scale. Easily set up categories and point values to take the guesswork out of grading. Easily set up fair and unbiased rating scales that are converted to the numeric value you need to enter in your gradebook. Save time and energy by focusing on the practical side of grading without the worry of point values. All grades are then easily viewed in table format. One click printing will generate reports for individual students in the entire class.

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